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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Great Repository

Even if life was perfect, raising 5 kids is hard, and that's what I found. My children were all active, mischevious, and challenging. The Energized Family helped to bring back some sanity to my life. Because we were so well organized all I had to do, when someone called and asked to come over, was tell the kids to do there Saturday jobs. In about 15 minuted the house was cleaned up. I had started liking Saturdays. I could sleep in, it was quiet and the kids seemed much happier. When I would finally decided to get out of bed, I would find their little organizers around the house, and everyone was busy. They knew they couldn't go out to play until they were finished. I was beginning to feel peaceful and more loving toward my children. We would still have our moments though. Like when I would go inspect their rooms. Everything would appear to be done until I looked under the bed and found the great repository. A friend told me to take a picture of their room after the child and I had cleaned it. Hang it on the wall, and when the child is told to go clean up it was to look like the picture.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life Becomes a Little Better

Our life was still very hectic even though our daughter was making good progress. Some days I felt like I was drowning. One day my husband and I looked at each other and realized, that he had a psychology background, and I was a teacher, and that we could be doing better than this. That day was the one that the Family Energizer began to take form. When we started organizing the family the problems began to diminish. Everything was fair so we stopped hearing things like, "why because I'm a boy do I always have to take out the garbage?" The kids helped make the rules so we stopped being the bad guys.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Frustrated Mom

I am a mother of five children. That is what I wanted to be more than anything in the whole world. I thought I wanted 6 children. You can imagine how I felt when my first child had Autism. She was a beautiful child but would not let me cuddle her and she cried all the time. Some days I didn't even get dressed. Thankfully my husband had a lot of experience with Autism and my daughter was only mildly impaired. My husband knew just what to do and my little darling progressed beautifully. At that time I thought maybe one child was enough. But, the children didn't stop coming and we soon had five. Life became really complicated partly because my third child was hyperative.