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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Great Repository

Even if life was perfect, raising 5 kids is hard, and that's what I found. My children were all active, mischevious, and challenging. The Energized Family helped to bring back some sanity to my life. Because we were so well organized all I had to do, when someone called and asked to come over, was tell the kids to do there Saturday jobs. In about 15 minuted the house was cleaned up. I had started liking Saturdays. I could sleep in, it was quiet and the kids seemed much happier. When I would finally decided to get out of bed, I would find their little organizers around the house, and everyone was busy. They knew they couldn't go out to play until they were finished. I was beginning to feel peaceful and more loving toward my children. We would still have our moments though. Like when I would go inspect their rooms. Everything would appear to be done until I looked under the bed and found the great repository. A friend told me to take a picture of their room after the child and I had cleaned it. Hang it on the wall, and when the child is told to go clean up it was to look like the picture.

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